What’s the best season to do home renovations

Reports blame global warming for the seasonality of home-improvement. It appears as of late homeowners are taking into consideration doing home remodeling projects during the summer rather than in the winter. Given the fact winters are now colder especially in Pennsylvania. We went on a mission to figure out if this was true. We interview three different companies to figure out if people are postponing doing home remodeling projects to the spring. The first interview to us down to the greater Atlanta metropolitan area where we spoke with Alan Ridgeway, an Atlanta plumber. Mr. Ridgeway has been in business for over 3 decades and does everything from Water Line Repair to Drain Cleaning & Repair. Mr. Ridgeway said that is his 3 decades in business he has not seen a great difference between the spring and the winter. He went on to explain sewer problems don’t have a preference therefore making happen in the summer as well as in November, December, or January.

The second interview was Window Installation Companies in Langhorne PA. In this state things where a little more defined. Unlike Atlanta, the winter months in Philadelphia came be quite cold making construction work quite difficult and sometimes dangerous. Without a doubt that in New Jersey the number of homeowners looking to do home repairs is impacted by the season. The third interview was a Chicago MEP Engineering company who specializes in commercial and residential buildings. Even though the Windy City is known for its bone chilling winters. It does not look like that it is affecting those involved in home remodeling. John Scott told us that although the winters can very cold there is always things to do at a construction site. Being successful in Chicago when it comes to construction is all all about preparation. You do planning in the cold winter month and you do the work in the spring.

At the end of the day the goal is to make your house the best he can be. Even though the interviews by which this article was based are trade people This does not mean is the right fit for every family. Throughout the years we have run into individuals who actually choose to have worked done in their properties during the winter. They are known as snowbirds. The are individuals that are substantially well-off and head south to the Tampa Bay area for the winter months. Having a handyman perform their duties while they are vacation {is ideal|is the best option|is great for both the company in the home owner. For many of these homeowners over improving is not a big deal when it’s all said and done what they look for is a property they are going to enjoy for a lot generations.

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